- Nice 'N Trick


Adrian Drăguţ and Leonard Constantin make up the electrifying duo at the heart of the “Nice 'n Trick” music project. The two met years ago when organising parties for electronic music lovers, under the name “Next Generation”. As their passion for electronic beats knows no limit, they have initiated themselves in the wonders of music production, creating an impressive collection of tracks faithful to the genre.After several years of committed effort, which involved studies in their chosen field of music, long sessions in the studio and many sleepless nights trying to integrate their own unique sounds into the underground techno music scene and propose a heady mix between the soul of techno and the irreverent expression of Romanian underground musicians. Proving their determination to make themselves heard, the duo have already released tracks under the labels "Yoruba Grooves", "Quanticman Records" and "Slot Records", with future music pieces planned for launch with the aid of "Woz Records", "2 Owls Records" and "Movida Records."