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biographyTechoumin, born in Barcelona on 08/12/1987, awakens his passion for music at the age of 15. Being self-taught learning, achieved with hard work and dedication-known sound in theaters nationwide, as Florida 135, Privilege Barcelona, La Cova Forest Club, ElRow, among other events of the city.Moreover, Nano, also born in Barcelona one 28/05/1985, became interested in electronic music at the tender age of 14, when he acquired his first turntables vinyl. Self-taught and perseverance, values and skills learned as a DJ.Along the way and over time, he opted for the style Deep House, Tech-House with organic sounds and tribal touches. Your commitment and dedication will lead to sound in rooms of prestige and national recognition as Florida 135, KGB, La Cova, Row 14, ElRow.In 2012 together to mix styles and innovate with their musical differences, so as to achieve common goals and enjoy.