… one doesn’t need far more than two dots and a line toshow a smile …Which is the crucial factor for the project “dotST RIPE”. Ben(Stuttgart) intended to create something simple, yet stillfascinating. Accomplishing this project he achieved his goal.One can certainly recognize this by his performances.Friendly sounds with frequent frisky elements and still veryharmonious instruments are just two out of manydistinguishing characteristics.Sometimes his songs imply somewhat childish, yet still veryabsorbing and fine melodies.He gave a first inside into the versatile sound spectrum withthe Sommerwald EP.Alternating smooth and bouncing beats proofed that theirmusic could not be assented as monotonous.T he enthusiasm of the audience kept rising with theintroduction of the Lala Lale EP . Bouncing clicks, hacklyhats and playful percussions combined with dreamymelodies kept everyone dancing.Since the impulse to create a corresponding recognizablesound further increased. However he do not stick to certainoutcomes, but rather search and experiment for newpossibilities to sustainably develop the given concept.New things are constantly tried out. T hings that don’t existwithin his previous songs yet, to repeatedly surprise theaudience.On his way he still remain at his roots and keep developingand wandering along his planed path.