- Hooll


A native of Montreal,Hooll , Martin draws inspiration from a group of Djs and producers that includes Plastikman, Sven Väth, Pheek, Ricardo Villalobos, Aphex Twin, all of whom possess styles that have found their way into his sets.Since 2005, Hooll Aka Fancyfhreek has been manipulating vinyl and CDJs. He play dj and live sets at many trendy place in Montreal like , Festival Mutek, Piknic Electronique , festival Osheaga , Festival Panorama, Festival des Films du monde,S.A.T. , Salon Daomé , Terrasse bonsecourt, Circus Afterhours, Salon Pearl, and (((Stereo)))'He play with important djs and producerslike : Pheek, Paco Osuna , Round Table knights , Major Lazer , Mossa , Tony Rohr , Robert De La Gauthier , Someone Else , Stephen Beaupré , Felix DaHouse Cat, Billy Dalessandro, Mateo Murphy, Zeina, Alicia Hush, Ana + One and more, Johnny Trichas .Label : Flat Belly recordings, LucidFlow, Eresys Recording, Kollektiv Artists , Doma Musique , High Pro-File recordings, klangscheiben records, lethal script label, goodnight moon recording, Future Montreal, Krad Records, 324 Records.