- Dragos Ungureanu


A child of the 90’s Romania, Dragos Ungureanu loves making stripped down house grooves with mind altering capabilities. His sound is jerky yet deep, uplifting yet crushingly desolate.Not a man of many words, he uses the same approach to making music; his songs are only a few sounds deep, yet together express 1000 words. Simplicity is his complexity.His first instrument was handmade sometime around 7 years old, a couple of chopped up tree branches became his first pair of drumsticks. Those tree branches have grown strong roots, their simple memory alive in every song Dragos Ungureanu makes today. Dragos spent all his teenage years studying drums and rhythm, 10 years of practice and growth, years in which the seed of music was planted deep into his existence. He took up playing in rock, jazz and Hip Hop bands,experimenting and trying and experimenting...and t rying.Never quite managing to make music his one and only focus, deeply disoriented by the dead-end spirit crushing Romanian society, Dragos left the country in search of something. After followed four long and aimless years; years when Dragos couldn’t find his place or his something. In 2008 he reaches London’s music soaked shores, after months of correspondence with childhood friend and band mate, Gabriel amaru. Here, t oget her again, Dragos is reigniting his love for music making, alove that was all but forgotten. He is one of the three founding members of Locomotive