- Manmachine


Manmachine, the psychedelic trance alter ego of Miroslav Bako also known as Massiva and Excizen, music producer, award-winning composer of orchestral music for Theater and Film on his way of achieving university degree in music production. After many years of DJ-ing, he turns to production and immediately achieves success with the debut of his live project in UK's popular Higherground Show in 2003. In 2008 he signed first tracks as Manmachine, folowed by first album “Reintegrate” released in 2010 for Ovnimoon Records and second album “The Second Warp” in 2012 for Yellow Sunshine Explosion. Published more than 120 releases under different aliases in past years, as Manmachine he released singles and Ep’s on various labels worldwide: IONO Music, Digital Om, BMSS, YSE, TIP World, Tesseract, Ovnimoon, Phoenix Groove, PsyLove, Midijum. His international performance included some of the top dancefloors worldwide: Universo Paralello, O.Z.O.R.A., S.U.N. Festival, Life Celebration Festival, Spirit Base, Vuuv Festival, Transylvania Calling, Exit Festival, Transylvaliens, and also performed in Japan, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, Brazil, Sweden, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, etc. Manmachine continues to present his releases in amazing live performance on parties around, it’s surely artist who shouldn’t be missed. As a part of IONO Music family, his third album “Gravity” is ready to revive the universal Manmachine style of psychedelic trance.