- Spectra Sonics


Joining Grasshopper Records in 2010, DJ Masaya's Spectra Sonics project blends serious tones and middle grooves resulting in a unique and well-received style one which sets him apart from many other Japanese artists. April of 2013 saw him launching his rst UK tour, with his full list of destinations spanning major festivals across Asia, Europe, North/South America, and the Middle East. Following his rst EP "Voyage" in 2011, he released his rst album "Sentimental" in March, 2015, going on to produce the "REVIVAL" mini-album in March, 2017. Spectra's characteristic solid, hi- psy groove sounds are universally acclaimed, culminating in a host of originals, remixes, and collabs released from countless big labels. He is also currently putting effort into track production for his "Majide" and "Double Helix" side projects waves of gargantuan proportions across the psy trance scene.