- Hypnoise


Based in Spain, in 2009 the duo joined forces to begin theirjourney.Signed to Antu Records in 2010, their first release L.S.D. (Logical Structures Database) was a total success, reaching tops in charts and played all around turning the duo into a reference in the scene.After a few tracks on different labels they released their 2nd Ep Organic Machinery on their brand new label Maharetta Records, follow by their Remixed Ep Retrospective with the collaboration from well-knowns Sonic Species, Ital and Tron, and again it was a total blast on the dancefloors and charts, reaching the Top 5 on worldwide releases for a few weeks.Both of them are psytrance producers since many years and they played with their old projects in many festivals around the globe as Universo Paralello (Brazil), Fullmoon Festival (Germany) , Ommix Equinox (Mexico), Spirit Base (Austria), Transition Festival (Spain) ... to name a few. As Hypnoise is growing they already reach the audience from big festivals as Freqs of Nature (Germany), Halkidiki (Greece),Aho Festival(Brazil), The Experience (Thailand) ...Always researching and developing their sound, Hypnoise continues stomping the psychedelic trance scene with their higher dimensional productions.Their Debut Album will be release in 2014 on Antu Records.In the meantime they released a few tracks in different labels and worked in different collaborations with top notch artist.