- NaiLiK


NaiLiK is the psytrance project of Kilian Johnson, a Montreal based audio engineer with a deep running passion for all things audio. NaiLiK began producing and very quickly transitioned from being the one playing others music to getting dance floors rocking to his own tracks. His sound is always moving forward and can be recognized by the driving elements and intricately woven arpeggios and atmospheres that create a full landscape of psychedelia with a touch of trance. Joining Grasshopper records at the age of 18, NaiLiK has been releasing music on many of the biggest psytrance labels ever since, including: Grasshopper, 24/7 records, Iono, Tech Safari, Digital om, Blacklite, to name a few. NaiLiK is always working on new tracks and collaborations and this year is the same. His project has blasted stages across the globe, from the beaches of Goa or the mountains in Japan all the way to the outback of South Africa, European festivals or even in cities all across Mexico. Where ever it may be, you can be sure to expect a high energy performance and delivery from this young veteran of the Canadian psy scene. NaiLiK is always trying to stay on the cutting edge of music production, constantly learning and acquiring the latest tools. All for the love of quality sound, and the psychedelic experience. Keep a look out and follow him by clicking one of the links below: Facebook: www.facebook.com/nailik.music
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/dj-nailik
Instagram: www.instagram.com/nailik.psy
Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/artist/nailik/393968 Bookings: nailik.bookings@gmail.com