- Galactic Explorers


GALACTIC EXPLORERS is electronic dance music project consisting of Macedonian producer & audio engineer K.Jovanovski.Already experienced in working as a DJ and producer back from the early days of psytrance music, K.Jovanovski in 2007 enrols the Audio & Video Engineering University in Skopje.From the moment he started working on the project, he already had a vision of the Galactic Explorers future sound. He spent his time in exploring new sounds, finding new ways to bring the unique galactic style into the music he produce.Wandering the depths of his inspiration, discovering new horizons of sound experience and the latest audio production techniques, Galactic Explorers finally came out from the studio to present his new audio project.From massive events with thousands of visitors to underground parties, his euphoric, cybernetic, uplifting galactc sound is always prepared to take you on another Galactic Explorers journey, to boldly go where no man has gone before!He performs on parties with many international artists & dj’s such as: Kox Box, Hallucinogen, Avalon, Dickster, Tristan, Braincell, KIM, Hux Flux, Evp, Parasense, Reality Grid, Etnica, Pleiadians,Astral Projection, Total Eclipse and many many more...Stay tuned for new Galactic sounds ;)