- Slackjoint


Slackjoint are Marco, Roman & Florian, painting the town red in Hamburg, northern Germany. They are involved in the german psytrance scene since many years as DJ, graphic-designer, organizer and of course the guys getting wild and dancing next to you on the floors out there.In 2005 their paths have crossed and they began to exchange their know how and to throw their ideas together.People somehow liked it an lo and behold they caused for massive furore in the summer of 2006. The Slackjoint Dudes were rocking the crowd of the big festivals in germany like Tshitraka Project, Psy- Experience Festival, Indian Spirit Festival, etc. and finally ended up in compiling the classics of Y.S.E. / Millennium Records compilation series “V/A Ticket to Goa” & “V/A Map Of Goa”.