- Middle Mode


Middle Mode is a project created by 2 dj's,Jovan Tot and Ivan Jovicic, who cooperated since their early beginning. They used a many years of their expirience on stage to create a unique psytrance sound .Middle Mode's music is filled with spirituality, strength and deepnes and it will bring you on a higher state of consciousness and deeper conection with yourself. Jovan and Ivan worked on music production since 2004 and finally released their first track, Age of change, in 2010 for TesseracTstudio label, which presented them to a wider audience. They describe themselves like a pure psytrance comers, and bring a real refreshment to this sound! Today, Middle Mode have releases for IONO Music, BMSS Rec, Digital Natute Rec, Ovnimoon Rec, Digital Ohm Production, Yelow Sunshine Explosion Rec, Tesseractstudio Rec and many others.... also working with names E-Clip, Realitv , Egorythima, Ovnimoon, Zyce, Nerso, SIdeform, Sonic Entity, Lyctum....Performing Live act all around the globe !!