- Mental Control


Mental Control is Renato Goulart, born and resident in the city of Goiania/Goias in the heart of Brazil. His first contact with e.music in 2000 led him to seek new innovations, in 2003 (after an EM course in Hong Kong-HK) he begun to perform at massive and underground parties in the state. After long time studying about e.music around 2005 started making his own music. Mental Control has performed along side with great national and international artists and performers at clubs and festivals like: Universo Paralello (Brasil), Universal Religion (Nepal), Secret Garden (Japan), 303Festival (Brasil), Samsara Festival, Festival Fora do Tempo, BlueFrog Club (India), Club Fiction, Tranceformation Festival, Jack Danyiels Disco (HK), Mushroom Mag 20years (Germany), Infected Guitars (Portugal) and many others... Renato is part of DIGITAL OM Team from Índia. Always seeking for quality production regularly innovates his music using new technics and sounds, drawing an atmosphere filled with groove and deep psychedelic touches. MENTAL CONTROL has been presented in CHINA, ÍNDIA, NEPAL, JAPAN, GOA, GERMANY, ENGLAND, FRANCE, PORTUGAL, MÉXICO, ARGENTINA, BOLÍVIA,BRAZIL. For more information: www.facebook.com/mentalcontrollive


Top 100 Electronic Dance Music and Rave Festival Chart Hits 2017
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EDM Records | 2016-12-05