- Mr. Suspect


In the parlance of criminal justice, a suspect is a known person suspected of committing a crime.Mr. Suspect is being ''accused '' of defying the standards in Progressive Trance. Creating his own personal theory , seeking deeper some old dusty files and refreshing them into a way that only as stylish can be described. Sometimes raw and bold, others with a more acoustic and organic aroma his imprints is a trademark of their own. Soft Leads with Exuberant Melodies are some characteristic elements , joined by clattering drums and pattering riffs. Mr Suspect unravels the mysteries of trance with such a warm presentation even in his peakier moments , blending crisp techno or even electro/house particles and absorb them underneath his tracks. A guy that will bring growling rhythms and mature well balanced productions into our ears. Make sure to mark his name and follow his arrival all zipped up into one word ! Duration ...