- Micky Noise


Pioneer of psy trance scene, at 15-year-old Micky starts demonstrating his love for music and trance by composing his first tracks and playing short lives in major parties in Athens. His first live act occurred in 1994. 3 years later, he implemented his first album, under the project name Psycho Meditation In 1998 Wizzy Noise was born.Wizzy Noise has become an important part of the world's trance scene. As part of Wizzy Noise he performed at almost every corner of the world at all major festivals and clubs. ..Each album of Wizzy Noise incorporated endless circles of newly-born ideas and constantly wins new fans. As a part of Wizzy Noise, he implemented 7 albums, 3 singles and many compilations in almost all trance labels of the world. Micky Noise deals with music all his life, finding inspiration in almost everything, especially the emotions. His sound is a fusion between trance,techno,electro, atmospheres...emotions. 2011 was a studio rearrangement year and work on new and fresh music. The style of his music is unique and has its own signature, originallity, sound and noise...