- Human Intelligence


Project Human Intelligence starts as idea to start making trance music for passion and love and because of success Alen decided to make his own psy/goa project and spread his creation. Human Intelligence aka. Alen J. has interest in electronic music since he was kid and because of technological growth he eventually gets his own first equipment to make music. His inspiration to make Trance music trance was the actual golden trance age since in that time he was kid when trance started to get on electronic music scene. He fall in love with all kind of music not just trance, but it was first techno and eventually he decided also to make more genres of music and not just one. His passion for music can be heard trough his techno project called Ertax and pure trance project called Alen Voss. The first release ever he made was on may 16. 2017 and that is where the actual growth started.