- Filthy Kid


Stefan's love for Techno music show since childhood listening to variousvinyls and compilations that have left an impression on the further interest in his musical career. in 2008 Stefan begins to discover the world of production and in 2015 starting with the releases under the pseudonym Filthy Kid.After only a few releases his starting to get the attention from many big namesin musical industry. In 2016 he releasing a big EP "Great" on mTechno Records that after two days his entering in Top 10 Techno Releases on Beatport.This was followed by the release of label Reload Black and collaboration with his friend D.R.N.D.Y for Renesanz. Beginning of 2018 is signed by the Minimal EP "L"for Phobos sub label Evil Flow and Two track's for mighty Phobiq.View through his set's you can hear the variation of deep, dark and melodic rhythm followed with filthy bass lines.