- Paul Jove


Paul Jove and also better known in Bolivia as 'Pituko' is no stranger to the music world. A veteran in expression since the 90's in the rock scene then on to the more experimental-electronica side of things in the 2000's and finally settling in to the dancefloor productions. Only focusing on one particular genre/style is a no-no because everything counts so long as it's not boring, trippy and makes your boggie shake. Therefore, he's been known to release some downtempo, electrofolk, house, tech house, and a plethora of weird ingredients to make music. He's mainly been releasing on Frequenza Records as well as his own label, San Pedro Music.As a dj, you can assure yourself that when on the decks...magic starts to happen and the potion are the people, music and vibe. He's shared many stages w/all kinds of friends around the electronic scene both in Bolivia and various parts of the world. Currently he's focused on sharing the goodness in South East Asia where he's spun a few times. This is a grand part of his life as is his successful vegetarian restaurant in La Paz, Bolivia - Namas Té.Life is Art • Art is Life • so enjoy it daily.