- Blue Silence


Two guys who are connected not only a love for music, butalso a fraternal blood. Sneaky & Sami, as a duet, slowlygaining trance scene with their own productions.First of them - Sneaky, became interested in musicproduction when he first saw his brother on stage. Aftersome time, he created a colaboration with his friend Sibi.After a year of cooperation, the duo Sibi & Sneaky has aproven record label released a remix in Carmarage Recordsand support their remix of the Sean Tyas track - Melbourne,at Trance Xplosion. Over time, their paths diverged andSneaky had a break from music production. After some time,Sneaky decided to return to what he loves most, andcreated the song - "Long Distance" with his brother Sami.Satisfied with the cooperation, he suggested the creation ofa joint project.Second One has performed a lot of shows in whole Poland.He took part in event like: Sensation 2009, Tiesto ClubShow, Global Gathering Polska2008/2009, RMI Trance Xplosion 2008/2009, Dancetination:Dream Space, Creamfields 08. Sami has got chance tocooporate with: Tiesto, Kyau and Albert, AT B, Sean Tyas,Leon Bolier, Stoneface & Terminal, Eddie Halliwell, Nenes,Menno de Jong, Giuseppe Ottaviani. He is also an author oftwo disc mix, which was published by Sony Music Poland.Sneaky dreams about performances for huge audience,however Sami - about making his musical ambitions andaspirations become true. T hey decide to create new projecttogether- Blue Silence.


Uplifting Trance and Melodic Energy Trance Anthems
Fallen Skies, Pluton, Wellenrausch, Irena Love, Southern Fraiz, tranzLift, Rewolution, Aeden, Faruk Sabanci, Evelio, Cryostasis, Rene Ablaze, DJ T.H., Mosahar, Dereck Recay, Haris C, Digitalis, Simon O'Shine, Sergey Nevone, Ikerya Project, Dreamy, Simon Pitt, DJ Sakin, Mike & Smith, Milo.NL, CJ Stone, Lizzy Pattinson, State MX, Juo, Brisby & Jingles, Danstyle, Bensk, Sunset Dream Inc., Weimar, SoundLift, Blue Silence, Miss Moonlight, B. Bone, Speakerguyz, Tommy Pulse, Janina Faith, Dan Van Eijk, Marc Reason, F8th, X Factor, Wemms Project, Sadisfiction, Grand K., Lord Of Bass, Air Diver, One Species, Mark Bester, Ivan Ice-Berg, DK Project, Shawn Cartwright, Handsup Playerz, Sascha Dolliver, Manual Section, Alchemist Project, Carrie Mandalay, DJ Fuchur, DJ Karko, Iain Cross, DJ Cyglas, Ian Buff, Milad Eynizadeh, F.B. Alex, John Waver, Johan Ekman, Truenorth, Tiifa, Drivium, Chrissi, DJ Thera, Mark E.g., Alexey Ryasnyansky, Frank Dattilo, Marcel de Van, Dima Krasnik, Dmitry Strochenko, DJ Gard, Kukuzenko, Al Jet, Matt Mancid, Rename, Senia, Blue Shift, Deep.Spirit, Kathy, Sapphire, DJ Delude, Jorn Van Deynhoven, Simon O'shine, Suncatcher, Ronski, Fallen Skies, 4 Strings, Outer Space, C-NRG, Dezybill, Sven E, DJ Spaceraven, Illitheas, Shock Force, Djane Lexy-sa, D-Tune, D M E Project, Pluton & Turn, Mike Van Fabio, Dima Krasnik, Trance-Forces, Techno Punks, Oceanic, SoundLift, Ian Buff, Fedde van Diemen, Flatlex, K.traxx, Dirkie Coetzee, Frank Waanders, Christian Zechner, Rene Ablaze, Manox, DJ Ex-One
Keejay Records | 2014-09-12