- Vector Commander


Vector Commander is the official project of the Techno producer and Dj Alex Strunz, wich consists in Techno music without borders and fused with various styles and influences.His Live PA follows an analog format inside Techno, blending inumerous tendencies and influences like Electro, Industrial and EBM without any specific rule, and that the live interaction is always the key point.In his live presentations, it is always used electronic tubed drums, EFX units and Vocoders perforiming live vocals, everything executed with the maximum of interferences.For the future, Alex will combine all the analog machines power + controlers, showing tyhat creativity using software and hardware has no limits.Nowadays, he is the director of the record label Extreme Forces and from Vector Radio (a techno live radio show since 2008 at Techno FM ñ Canad·).His recorded releases can be found on the labels: Extreme Forces, Corrupt Systems, Dirty Planet, Schythe Squadron, Armatura Records, Valvula Records, Guilhotina, TMMR, Carmarage, Sotto, Sotto, Tekx Records, Killer Beats, Strange Mind, UDZ, Putz Rec, Darkletvm, Nitrosound Rec, Teskoba and more to be confirmed.