- Marsquad


"Marcio M.Aka Marsquad passion for electronic music started in the early days of the 80’s/90' after being influenced by his father to listen to the likes of Depeche mode, New order, Prodigy, Crystal Method and all of the rising music styles of that era.His first contact with Techno music started in the early 2000’s with artists like Adam Beyer, Chris liebing, Jeff mills & labels Drumcode, CLR & Hydraulix ect. It was these labels & artist that were the first steps of Marcio M becoming the well loved DJ & producer we know today!His DJ sets are dynamic and seamless and the music flows through an array of different styles of Techno styles whilst always maintaining that driving feeling. He has had the chance to share his style when touring places like Bogota, Colombia or playing some of the best clubs Brazil has to offer, Techno Route, Fervo, Clash Club, Techneura to name but a few...This has given Marcio the opportunity to share the stage with some of the world top Techno acts such as, Dave The Drummer, Renato Cohen, Rowland The Bastard.....Starting the production journey in 2006 Marcio’s style was focused more on the harder style of Techno, it was that stepping stone that brought Marcio to the real techno scene. Over the Years he has had top selling tracks and releases on labels Subcult, Naked Lunch, Technopride, Valvula Records & Mental Torments as well as gaining the support o f s o m e o f h i s r e s p e c t e d p e e r s : A k a C a r l , A P, P a t r i c k D S P, Roman Z awodny, DJ OGI, Du’Art....Keep an eye out for his future productions and live acts as Marsquad is definitely an artist to watch!"Artist Bio