- Jason Grey


Jason Grey is a Sydney-based producer and the founder of Crossing Over Records. From humble beginnings, Jason is now a fixture on the international dance music scene; his music has been released on labels across the globe, including Perfecto, Detox, Freefall, WA-X, Virus Audio, Techno Artillery, Amplified Digital, Noobish, Unaffected, Valvula, Sound Evolution and more. Jason has made his mark with a distinctive hybrid sound that blends techno, trance, progressive and electro. His unique style has created a new niche in dance music and garnered him a reputation as a producer to watch.In 2010 Jason launched his boutique record label, Crossing Over Records. Crossing Over aims to promote artists aligned with the ethos of creating music that crosses boundaries, along with serving as a creative outlet for Jason’s own unique musical direction. The label’s first releases have been hugely successful with support from some of the biggest names in dance music including Paul Oakenfold, Scot Project, Chris Cowie, M.I.K.E / Push and Thomas Penton. And this is only the beginning – The upcoming years are set to be huge for this talented producer, who will start hosting a monthly radio show and continue building the Crossing Over Records brand, working with international artists and showcasing more of the Jason Grey sound. Stay tuned!