- Miche


Mirsad Murtic a.k.a. Miche was born on 12th January 1986 atVelika Kladusa, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but currently livingin Pula, Croatia. At an early age he has been introduced tomusic in general by learning piano and accords alongsidehis brother. He got involved with an electronic music scenein 2002.Only 2 years later he needed a new challenge in his DJcareer and started to play on three decks. You could hearhis DJ sets at parties across Croatia and abroad. By thattime he has managed to introduce his work / mixes onseveral radio shows from USA to Europe. In a very shorttime he has managed to become a very well known figure onCroatian electronic scene. His style is based on funkydriving techno with tribalistic sounds and scratching. Heplayed with well known artists such as : DAVE T he Drummer,Axel Karakasis, Carl Falk, DJ Misjah, Elecrto One and manymore..Along side his dj career, Miche is also into technoproductions as well. His Relatives 6 release was nominatedfor the best techno single of 2009 for beatport, which isquiet an achievement and His music has been released andit will be released by a Best Techno labels such as : AdultRecords, Yin Yang Records, Relatives Records,Pornographic Records, Teggno Records, Sub CultrureRecords, Stream Records, Tech Art Records, BeatformRecords and many more.Miche has published more than twenty-five vinyl releases,sixty digital releases and he has produced over 200successful tracks.