- Kriss-One


Known in the music world as ‘Kriss-One’, Christiaan Victor Henri Breuer was born in The Hague on the 1st of February 1985.Kriss-One started his music career playing the piano at the age of 9. He played for 10 years, during which time he also started making bootlegs and remixes on his computer.Kriss-One was bitten by the “DJ Bug” when he had a go at spinning records in a club in Tilburg. The crowd liked what he did and after a while he bought his own records. And so, at the age of 19, his career as a DJ began.In the summer of 2005, Kriss-One travelled to Mallorca. He played his records in a number of clubs in El Arenal, creating mixes using many different styles such as urban, house and hardstyle/jumpstyle. It was a great success and when he returned to the Netherlands he got a lot of gigs across the country. While spinning his cocktail of different music styles, he became increasingly fond of one particular style: house. And for that reason, he preferred only to play that kind of music.Kriss-One wanted to take his career as a DJ to a higher level so he began to produce his own house music. After a while, he released his first track - ‘Parabomb’ - which was signed by Samsobeats, a record label owned by the famous Dutch producers Gregor Salto and Sidney Samson. After that there came several releases on well known labels such as: Afrazoo, Spinnin Records, Dos Palomas Negras, G- Rex, Dim Mak Records and Sneakerz Muzik.At the moment, Kriss-One is studying a course on music production at the Rock Academy in Tilburg. He started this course because he wants to be a great, well-known artist who is appreciated in the music world. Kriss-One’s popularity is increasing, his gigs just keep getting better and his spinning and production skills are second to none!!


Big 100 (House & Electro)
Fio, Stephen Pickup, Blumenkraft, Alex M., Sergio Ramos, Scotch & Soda, Elleena, 2-4 Grooves, Camille, Punkrockerz, Carmen, Tao Hypah, Breaker, DJ Kryst-Off, Kriss-One, Sonny Wilson, Andrew Spencer, Sasha Veter, Johan K, Marc Van Damme, Henny-M, Malu Project, James Stefano, K-Brown, DJ Selecta, Van Snyder, Tim de Ville, Farisha, Persian Raver, Trane, Lucc, Pit Bailay, Crystal Rock, Sigi Di Collini, Timmy G, Starjack, Jazzi Jay, MuzzyG, Max K., Comeea, DJ Restlezz, Lara Loft, Stan1, VergiLuv, Bounce Bro, Mike Melange, Matthias Ka, Marc Kiss, Azzido@Schwarz, Tjc, Marc Paprott, City Shakerz, Robkay, Lolita Hunters, Daniel Slam, DJ Neo, DLova, Hornyshakerz, DE/VISION, Vanilla Kiss, Sem, Arjan van Midden, Patricia Edwards, Nitro, Jason, Psychonautn, Brooklyn Bounce, OrgazmiXound, Pete Mazell, Sasha Wind, Cary August, Danceboy, Funky Rezz, Housebatze, Thomas You, Hill, Gordon, Narine, Grey, DJ Anady, Rudy MC, Parker, Belmond, DJ Solovey, Trashfunk Rockerz, Gemma.B, David Posor, Rico E., Nevermind, Philipp Ray, Stonecold, Vuk Lazar, Johan K., Splash, Gee, Baker, McFly, Discotronic, King Chronic, Miss L., Soraya Vivian, DafHouse, Jeany Kiss, Sunray, Gemma B, William Hawk, Alx, Viktoriya Benasi, Funky Therapy, zoo_reality, Rikah, Housemaxx, Thomas Petersen, Sarah Jane Neild, Johan K, Brooklyn Bounce, MD Electro, Subgroover, Michel Amberg, Disco Superstars, Son!k, Max K., PH Electro, Hill & Gordon, Michael De Kooker, DJ Quicksilver, Pit Bailay, Trane, Selecta, Classi, Gordon, Doyle, Housemeisters, Crystal Rock, Yann Lizot, Tondecker, Jean Luc, Andrew Spencer, Damon Blaze, 2Complex, Miguel Valbuena, Ariel Pereira, Tom Cut, D-Jastic, Thomas You, Johnny Beast, Talstrasse 3-5, Marc Van Damme, Nick Otronic, Digiwave, Eric Dale, Dance Dealers, Alex M., Toby Stuff, Scotty, Giorgio Gee, Guenta K., Dirty Herz, Maria von Heyde, Global Groove, Die Hoerer, Sean Finn, DJ Solovey, Dean Cohen, Dutch, Tale, Kleekamp, Raven, Tom Rider Remix
Mental Madness Records | 2013-06-07