- Little Nobody


Australian expat Andrez Bergen (aka Little Nobody) started making music in Melbourne, Australia, in 1996 and relocated to Tokyo, Japan, in 2001. He also produces as Funk Gadget, Dick Drone, Nana Mouskouri's Spectacles and several other aliases, and ran long-running label IF? Records for 15 years. He's been remixed by the likes of James Ruskin, Blake Baxter, Si Begg, Aux 88, Justin Robertson, Tobias Schmidt, Bas Mooy, Luke's Anger, Dave Tarrida, Shin Nishimura, Steve Stoll and others, and has in turn remixed Ade Fenton, Dasha Rush, BCR Boys, Wyndell Long, Aux 88, and Severed Heads. Bergen has played live in Tokyo, Osaka, London, Detroit, New York, San Francisco, Beijing, Windsor (Canada), the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and especially Melbourne.