- Stephan Koenigk


Stephan Koenigk, dj and producer from Essen/Germany, found his love in the ‘good old’ techno with all its new influences which are partly defined by the expanding technological possibilities but also by the ever changing adaptations from the global electronic music scene.Inspired by the ‘harder look’ of the 90′s he plays a personal style, based on the new breed of techno morphing into a slower, drifting and groove based sound.His tracks are played & supported by artists like Audio Injection, Bas Mooey, Dj Hi-Shock, Octave, Chris Finke, Gary Beck, Acid Circus, Mark Antonio, Remute, Nihad Tule, Luke Creed, Tomy DeClerque, A-Brothers, GO!DIVA, Knobs, Speedy J. and many other dj's around the world.