- Thanatos


Thanatos is one of the first Italian Techno DJ and Producers who embraced t he "Digit al Djing Era". After experimenting with many different configurations, he finds the most appropriate in using two laptops that enable him to create mixes of tracks and samples/loop/effects by Traktor, Ableton Live, Maschine and Midi Controller.This instrumentation also permits him to combine different sounds and influences, and so to create a brand-new and unique set every single time. His DJ experience started into private parties, before performing in main rooms of some of the biggest clubs in Northern Italy like Magazzini Generali (MI), Amnesia (MI), Tunnel (MI), Altromondo Studios (RI) , Link (BO) , Kindergarten (BO) and many others..In 2008 He decides t o creat e his own night ''T echno Bunker'', to express himself in long Djsets, and test his equipment in front of a crowd with continuity.His obsession with softwares, the research of new sounds and combinations of EFX, takes him to compose the first production. Since he has many t racks in his invent ory, he decides to set up his own record label ''Black Reel'' to make easier the release of productions and opening the doors to many experimental stuff.