- Ant Prescott


Since being introduced to electronic music back in the early 90’s, Ant Prescott (A.K.A) Tony Montana has been hooked. At the early age of 14 he started Djing and playing out at local part y's and underground events around the North of England. You would find him spinning various styles of acid, house & techno or locked away in his bedroom fiddling around with tape decks, wires and other electrical equipment.Through the 90's the Techno scene was at it's peak, Tony was responsible for promoting such events such as Technical Audio Beats, Euphonic and connections with various sound systems such as Panik, Undergroundsound, and the infamous Leeds rig Red Bin.In 2004 Tony graduated from Leeds College of Music this saw him working along side well established artist from London, Guy "Geezer" McAffer & Dark Marc, late in 2004 would see the launch of Tony's first record labelT.A.B.In 2006 Tony decided to take a 2 year break from writing music and moved down with his girlfriend to the south coast, it was this time that he spent going to different party's, events and meeting new friends that Tony found the inspiration and love that had once attracted him to electronic music.Jump forward 4 years and you can find Tony writing & collaborating with Artists & Labels such as D.A.V.E The Drummer, Erphun, Glenn Wilson, Mattais Fridell, Chris Finke, Tom Laws, Adam Jay, Mas Teeveh, Mark Morris, Angel Alanis, Logotech, Monocraft and Cisco Arias, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Naked Lunch, Respekt Recordings, Slap Jaxx, Driving Force, Hauptbahnhof- Musik, Chroma Recordings, Hydraulix, Elektrax Music, Gynoid Audio, Tonal Path, Akoom, Eklero Records, Hybrid Confusio, Process Recordings, Plastica, Mutate to Survive, Lapsus Music, Gobsmacked Records, Minimatracx Recordings to name just a few.This Year will see Tony start a new chapter in the electronic music world as he & Tom Laws start there new Techno imprint DeepCell Recordings.