- Colonial One


The Colonial One adventure began in 2009, when Luca and Andrea started their unique trance project.This creative alias captures the brothers’ passion for electronic music – as they begin to impact and influence the trance culture that they love so much.Before Colonial One, they both worked in the music industry – wit h Luca involved in a variet y of elect ronic genres while Andrea was a house and trance DJ at the local radio station. The 10 year age gap bet ween t he brot hers has been a very positive influence on their creativity – allowing them to bring diverse flavours into their own unique fusion.And while that fusion is constantly being updated, it continues to convey uplifting emotions and progressive vibes, from brilliant vocals merging wit h t he decks and pouring out t hrough the speakers and into the audience, in a huge crescendo.In 2010, the Colonial One vibe manifested itself in the critically acclaimed first single, ‘Elements’. This phenomenal track has already been taken in new and interesting directions by the world’s leading DJs like Armin Van Buuren and Above & Beyond. Colonial One’s rhythm didn’t stop pulsating there. With the launch of their second single ‘Always on my mind’ and their ‘Taking off again’ remix – Colonial One was suddenly made available t o a much bigger audience.The brother’s creations have now been used by major dance radio shows, including Trance Around The World, A State Of Trance, Anjunabeats Worldwide, Club Elite Sessions, Tytanium Sessions, Future sound of Egypt, Always Alive,GO ON AIR and many more...Amazing as it is, this is just the start of the adventure for Colonial One – and you can be part of this journey by following the brothers on Facebook, Twitter, Souncloud and iTunes.