- Nima van Ghavim


My name is Nima Van Ghavim. I have born in Tehran in 19.June.1992. I have begun to learn playing Piano and Keyboard when I was 4 years old. I live in North of Iran now.I started to play some artificial music from 2001. I started to play Synthesizer and Controllers from 2002. I started my artificial plays from that time.I published my first Album with the name Leaving and after that I have continued special in all of my Albums.Some of my tracks have been released by Label (Future Shock Recording - Florida) / (Phoenix record – Switzerland. (Mondo Records , London) & (Freegrant Music / Ukraine)My favorite electronic music are : the different music with Acord and special sound & Synthesizer.I followed Trance music seriously but I played Progrresive House-Deep House- Progrresive Trance-Ambient & Chillout, too.