Theo Fringelis aka Téodoro was born in Korinthos, Greece in February 1983. Very soon he discovered his passion for dance music and already at the age of 17 he inspired the crowd on numerous events. Very fast he succeeded to find his own style with brought him to the regional scene very soon as a well known name. His 4 years residency at famousClub “Mach 1” si “Fabrik Bayreuth” in Nurnberg takes him to the top! Téodoro plays every week on German and International grounds. He plays with some of the biggest names in dance stage! To dedicate your life to house music, to live the same, to feel the irresistible sound of basses on your skin and to unite the perfect symbiosis from melody, vocals and rhythm in one set - this stands for the motivation and life/ philosophy of Téodoro!