- Alessa


She started to play piano since 3years old.Then she realised that she has absolute pitch for all sounds. She had played piano 4-8 hours per day. Sometimes, she just playing piano all day even didnʼt go school. Her childhood to adolescent was totally ‘MUSICʼ. And her whole life is only ‘MUSICʼ. She won piano competitions 30 times and become top of west Japan pianist.She didnʼt want to waste her talent.Thatʼs why she started to make music.When she makes music, she writes notes on score by her hands. Her style is melodic and dynamic. This talent is going to be worth for Dance Music scene. Kyoto Art and Design University Mar 2012 ~


The Annual Essentials 2011
Crystal Rock, Hornyshakerz, Rikah, Robkay, David Posor, Andrew Spencer, Sunray, Turnyboy, DJ Neo, Martina Balogova, Tim de Ville, Alessa, Alex M., Van Snyder, Chris Excess, zoo_reality, Antoine Montana, Miami Inc., Daniel Slam, DJ TLX, Bangbros, Housebatze, Grey, N.D.A., Anady, Splash, Nick Austin, Brooklyn Bounce, Discotronic, Pit Bailay, Housemaxx, Marc Kiss, Jay D, Juve, Nevermind, Philipp Ray, Max K., DJ Bomba, Ice, Chris, Disco Freak, OverDrive Division, DafHouse, Mr. Eyez, Die Hoerer, Mitchie Rikzu, Tjc, Marc Paprott, Lock'N Load, Re-Zone, DJ Winn, Johnny Beast, Yann Lizot, DJs From Mars, DK, Camille, Punkrockerz, Carmen, King Chronic, Miss L., Gee, Baker, McFly, Thomas Petersen, Danceboy, Aurora, Toxic, Hardcharger, Lockhard, Digital Deejay, Marc Van Damme, EBJ, Dot Comma, Mad Flush, Diamond Boy, Jose Mose, JD Wood, Level-Up, Kompulsor, Supahit, VisTexx Project, Sem, Tube Tonic, Kimura, DJ Roxx, Mega 'Lo Mania, Franca Morgano, PH Electro, Manuel Babes, Jens Kindervater, Frank Bülles, Oliver Heller, Oliver Flöte, Sascha Mulder, S. Drobez, DJs From Mars, Scotty, Matthias Fleckenstein, 2-4 Grooves, Markus Schulz, Johannes Spitaler, Thomas U, Dirty Sunchez, M. Schulz, DJ Raverdiago, Nick Da Cruz, Gürtler, Die Hoerer, Sinan Kurtulus, Ido Shoam, Olivier Pineau, Remi Gardet, Andre Otterbach, Enrico Jurca, Lars Boge, Quickdrop, Pavel Gorbulski, Dennis Techel, Martin Schmidt, Nils Karsten, Michael-Lee Bock, Sven Greiner
Mental Madness Records | 2011-12-16