- Clunk


DJ/ Producer from (PE) [Lima, Perú] (Inexplikable Records)He started his career 5 years ago and awakens his interest in electronic music in various parties as private in the local scene where he socializes with the genres deep house, minimal, tech house, techno and many more adjacent branches.He usually uses the most recent Charts of the TOP DJ's, always updated in the underground avant-garde themes, among these they carry stamps that characterize the style. (Desolat, Cadenza, Cocoon Recordings, Vagabundos, Lemon Aid Music, Moun Harbor, viVA Music, among others.) The composition of the work progressively takes the groove of a good playlist to get to completely take the dance floor with enveloping melodies, powerful basses and synthe's.He was educated and finished his professional career at the renowned DJ College, then complemented in the area of vinyls turntables in ProDJ and continued to be part of the Project Media family in the area of music production.In his career contributions he had his first party with an international artist being Alejandro Vivanco (Cadenza) as a warm up and so on adding to his story he participated sharing cockpit with Inxec (Cocoon Recordings) and Gabriel Sordo (My Favorite Records). Clunk forms and is part of mIXOne-Fm Radio sounded in Argentina - Buenos Aires with its broadcasts via soundcloud where there is a lot of support for electronic culture with great talents around the world.He is currently venturing into the production of new projects and is a resident of the record labels Síncopa, Kultura, among others.