- F Rodriguez


* Follow my music also in Green Night Records / Lupara Records / Perkussion Records. F Rodriguez DjProductor Dj since 1998, F.Rofriguez, born in Spain (Canary Islands) on November 22, 1985, he started his first steps with Adam (Dj straw) great reference in the 90 "also known as (DjTwins) with great personal style and professional, reaching the top at the scene, along with the started their love and determination for music gradually was climbing the ladder to reach the expected level for family reasons was several years inactive as serious father in those years. His return to come back strongly and musical style. In the last year is producing for various labels known as (Green Night Records, Lupara Records ...), expected to be the biggest one day "With job is as it gets offer everything you "is the slogan that follows Fran, after their jobs are embodied feelings and thoughts, lives for his family and trying to reconcile todo.Sus Tracks music are all a mixture of sounds and percussion, and nothing else is on your first stage of professional producer, expects its music arrives in time to all the public, will continue in its efforts to climb to the top. Labels;Green Night Records, Lupara Records y Perkussion Records. *Sigue mi musica tambien en Green Night Records/Lupara Records/Perkussion Records.