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Skaivox is a music project that resides in Maribor, Slovenia and three main music genres that define it are techno, trance and house. However, those are not the limits of the project, because the idea is a fusion between various styles to create more elaborate and progressive sounds.The man behind the name Skaivox has been involved with electronic music since the turn of millennium, when he was still a teenager, and as his passion for electronic scene grew, he decided it is time to turn his ideas into music. With determination and hard work he produced his first repertoire of songs, which were soon signed to various labels.After initial releases hit the stores, other record labels took interest in Skaivox and numerous releases went out in year 2012 on labels Guilhotins Records, AK Recordings, AK Series and Mr. Gray Recordings. A collaboration with the friend Reaky resulted in track called Collective Insanity, that was featured on Paul Oakenfold's Four Seasons compilation on Perfecto Records. Track was also supported by many great artist like Christopher Lawrence, Simon Patterson, Activa, Sean Tyas and many more.Skaivox is currently working hard on new music with all new progressive depths. Therefore watch out for more interesting releases coming soon your way!


Four Seasons
Dmitry Globa, John 00 Fleming , Paul Oakenfold, Robert Vadney, Matisse & Sadko, Limbo, Solarstone, Alex Karweit, Talpa, Aggresivnes, Tamra Keenan, Oakenfold, Tim Jirgenson, Protoculture, Jerome Isma-Ae, Planet Perfecto Knights, Sean Truby, Craig Purvis, Federation, Lange, Sarah Howells, Tilt, Paul van Dyk, Mike Danis, Lost Stories, Reaky, Skaivox, Nerso, Thomas Datt, D-Mad, Gai Barone, Kid Alaska, Stereo Wildlife, Retroid, Digital Breaks Foundation, Nash & Pepper, Ostrega, Magnus, A.R.D.I., J. Hart, Boom Jinx, Daniel Kandi, Future Funk Squad, Beatman & Ludmilla, Ben Keenan, Andrew Bayer, Omauha, Walsh & Mcauley, Benjani, Matvey Emerson, Tyler Sherritt, Swab, Joey Mova, Dominic Thomas, Mindaugas Jak, Greta, Max Hertzz, Full Tilt, Justin Michael, AJ from Saint Motel, Aly & Fila, Amanda Wilson, Felix Leiter, Kenneth Thomas, Colleen Riley, Remus, Justin Oh, Poncho, Maxi Trusso, 16 Bit Lolitas, Lucy Iris, Yahel, Liya, Sphera, Symbolic, 2nd Phase, Omnia, Ana Criado, Corderoy, Cold Blue, Wellenrausch, Tammy, Jason Knight, Brian Cameron, Gary Maguire, Rospy, Planet Perfecto, Mac & Monday, Second Sine, Digital Basement, Solarstone, Flegma, Nerso, Blazer, Organ Donors, Nhato, Paul Oakenfold, Orkidea, Thomas Datt, Juventa, Prayag, Rishab, Eximinds, MDK, Protoculture, Rafael Frost, Eshericks, Alfoa, Future Disciple, Retroid, Jerome Isma-Ae, Dragon, Jontron, Swab, Joey Mova, Bone, Flesh, Enoh, Darma, Derek Ryan, John Dopping, Gary Maguire, Vlind
Perfecto Records (Armada Music) | 2012-11-02
Trance Top 100, Vol. 14
Sean Tyas, Aly & Fila, Jwaydan, Ashley Wallbridge, Andrew Rayel, Jan Johnston, Tenishia, Armin van Buuren, Greg Benz, Fragile, Alex Lemon, Roger Shah, Sian Kosheen, Setrise, Johann Stone, Mr. Pit, Federation, Susana, Rex Mundi, Chris Schweizer, Matt Darey, Johan Malmgren, Paul Oakenfold, J. Hart, Jaren, Mitiska, Chris Jones, Cerf, Carla Werner, Husman, Zara, Snatt & Vix, Anevo, Christian Burns, Stefan Dabruck, Ali Wilson, Celauro, Ehren Stowers, Juventa, Eco, Space Rockerz, Mark Leanings, Tania Zygar, Wezz Devall, Heatbeat, Nuera, Cramp, Anton Firtich, Orjan Nilsen, Grube & Hovsepian, Tiffany Johnston, Maarten De Jong, Inger Hansen, Ben Nicky, Monogato, W&W, Nash & Pepper, Dark Matters, Jess Morgan, Joseph Areas, Push, Paul Webster, Lira Yin, KhoMha, Lost Witness, Massimo Santucci, Ilya Soloviev, Imperfect Hope, Ventus, Styller, John O'Callaghan, Danilo Ercole, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Jan Martin, Ilan Bluestone, Mike Shiver, Bo Bruce, Dima Krasnik, Piece Process, Taucher, Talla, Peter Martin, Anthanasia, TyDi, Yahel, Terracotta Army, Michael S., Sedna, Perry O'Neil, Radmila, Reaky, Skaivox, Nick Touch, Tom Fall, Magnus, A Force, Petibonum, Max Graham, Abstract Vision, Elite Electronic, Ram, Elsa Hill, Mike Danis, DJ Shah, Abramasi, Urry Fefelove, M.I.K.E., Carrie Skipper, Myon & Shane 54, Digital X, Marcie, D:FOLT, Evgeny Bardyuzha, Dankann, John Askew, Kyle Emerson, Aerofoil, E&G, Mario Hammer, Dakota, Judge Jules, Armin van Buuren, Jerome Robins, Aerofoil, Gian, Kent, Protoculture, Rocking J, KhoMha, John O'Callaghan, Tomas Heredia, Leon Bolier, Mike Foyle, Beat Service, Will Atkinson, Basil O'Glue, Abstract Vision, Elite Electronic, Den Rize, Blur8, Talla 2xlc, Max Graham, Fred Baker, Vincent Gorczak, Sergey Shemet, Myon & Shane 54, Arnej
ARVA | 2012-08-10