- Acid Tester


Acid Tester, Graham Hobbs - an up and coming producer inAcid Techno, first began his love affair with this type ofmusic during his teenage years, learning to mix usingTechnic 1210s and his much loved vinyl collection. He beganDJing at raves and parties around Wiltshire, becoming aregular face on the scene.Graham is now progressing in his career, and has movedinto production. Starting is just 2013, he has already beenfeatured on two compilation tracks released by AKRecordings..AK recordings has featured some massive names in it’srecent releases, tracks from the likes of Sterling Moss, OB1,A.P. , Dj Link , Raul Mezcolanza , Fatima Hajji , Jack Wax ,Alexey Kotlyar to name but a few!