- Anton Chernikov


Anton manages to work with well-known European labels : Armada music and J00F Recordings. EveryAnt on's new product ion was t reat ed as a major contribution to the development of electronic music and every track was supported by main djs of the genre. Specifically, John 00 Fleming appreciated Anton's work as much as it made him possible to work together with him and produce music for John's solo album. After that, Anton is going to release his own debut album on J00F label. As a dj, Anton likes to mix different styles, from deep electronic music to psy- progressive, depends on the venue.In Russia, Anton totally insists on promoting psy- progressive music and collaborates with other Russian artists of this style. It is being done in order to spread Russian electronic music all over the world. Now Anton uses a number of monikers for different styles like tech and deep house music, trance scene and other indie-electronic projects. Soon his working in various projects would be announced as there would be more than one upcoming albums and live acts.