- Behind Blue Eyes


Behind the Blue Eyes stands Michael Abel-Larsen from Copenhagen, Denmark.Behind Blue Eyes were originally created in 2004 by the two friends Michael Abel-Larsen (DJ Banel) & Rene Nielsen (who also were part of the Copenhagen duo Beat Bizarre). The first release came on the now legendary Iboga compilation “Playground”. The track was called “Goose Bumps”.The release were followed up by a self titled debut album “Behind Blue Eyes”, from 2005. In 2007 came the double CD “Copenhagen” (CPH), with a live set recording and several remixes either by Behind Blue Eyes or other artists remixing Behind Blue EyesMat e rial.In 2007 Rene decided to leave the project and stop his career, his final gig being at Sonica festival in Italy 2007. Michael continued the story alone but began to increase involvements in collaborations with other artists. This resulted in a deeper co-operation with the Swedish multi talent Krusseldorf, with whom he wrote a double CD album “Kisses From the Clouds” released in 2009.Behind Blue Eyes live sets around the world have already been heard in Eclipse Festival Cairns Australia, Rainbow serpent festival Melbourne, Ozora Festival Hungary, Boom Festival Portugal, Vuuv Festival Germany, Soul Vision Festival Brazil, Electronic Carnival Denmark, Paris France, Mexico city Mexico, Belo Horizonte Brazil, Bergen Norway, Malmo Sweden, Freaky Alliance festival Spain, Spirit base festival Austria, Melbourne Australia, Istanbul Turkey and many other places.