- Materia


Materia is one of Europe ́s most groundbreaking Psytrance artists, signed by 24/7 Records.His music is best described as driving, deep, Fullon Psychedelic Trance with distinct reverberated hi-tech atmospheres & synths. Delivering hard hitting pattern lines and percussive FX, revealing deeper, intricate layers with every listen. Big melodies perfect for the dance floor inspired by the feeling and energy, provided by life itself.Andreas Moser is the mind behind the full power Psytrance project and he was born and raised in Salzburg. His artistic journey began at a very young age and became interested in electronic music production software to push his creative ideas to the max. After more than 15 years of bending sounds in the lab and fusing techno elements into his psychedelic realm he has been releasing two full length albums, many EP ́s and contributions to V/A compilations.Watch out for Materia as he will be rocking the scene for the years to come. He already performed numerous times on many of the leading Festivals around the globe! Universo Paralello, Ozora, Rezonance Festival, Fusion, Antaris, Soul Vision, Boom Town, Atmosphere, Rainbow Serpent...