- Agent Boogie


André Sousa is Agent Boogie: a multi-skilled musician andlong-time music lover. Chilled yet passionate, earthy, yetconfident, his eventful music career has seen himexperience a series of transformations: from the days ofacoustic sound production back in 98 – to his curiosity ofEDM, which has seen him produce, compose, collaborate,DJ and experiment on a number of levels, crossing genres,exploring new territories.Agent Boogie is just one of the different guises of AndréSousa. You can expect to hear several releases underthese aliases at some point this year under record labelsincluding Somnium and Mystery Train.Beyond the exterior of DJ is a home-grown rock-music loverwith a talent for guitar and percussion, which he played inseveral bands including Quetzal's Feather. T hose earlyyears led to an exciting evolution as he encountered partnerin crime, Daniel Carvalho. Together they formed the project,Samadhi – a unique live experimental adventure.Creativity-destruction-creativity: the cycle is as it should be.T he pair went their separate ways and Boogieman was bornin 2002. Since that time, André Sousa has continued to DJ,produce and create. You'll oftentimes find him in the studiowith his partner in life and music, vocalist, Raquel Peleias.Constantly innovating and re-inventing his sound, the artistfinds inspiration in all that he loves around him. Musicalmasterpieces and powerful live performances are on themenu. Guaranteed, you won't get bored of Agent Boogie.https://soundcloud.com/agentboogieFor press and bookings, please contact:agentboogiemail@gmail.com