- Digital Basement


Diego Brahim AKA Digital Basement is a DJ and producer based in Buenos Aires,Argentina where he has worked on collaborations with fellow Pharmacy artists Fergie & Sadrian. Digital Basement has been producing trance and progressive trance for several years appearing on labels including Only Trance, Soviet Records, Time Fussion, Eyere ex, Nu Communicate and Terminal01. His previous track, Audio Madness, was featured on Paul Oakenfolds Four Seasons compilation. For his debut on Pharmacy Music, Digital Basement has turned in two dance oor bangers that will rock any party. Bad Prophecy is pure underground trance at its best. A solid Kick and bass propel the track while subtle melodies and vocal samples oat in and out. The breakdown is beautiful and lush without being euphoric. Pure class is written all over this track. Funktronik shows off Digital Basement versatility in the studio as he rounds out the release with a progressive trance journey of a track that has everyone going crazy here at Pharmacy Music when the breakbeat drops in the main breakdown.


Four Seasons
Dmitry Globa, John 00 Fleming , Paul Oakenfold, Robert Vadney, Matisse & Sadko, Limbo, Solarstone, Alex Karweit, Talpa, Aggresivnes, Tamra Keenan, Oakenfold, Tim Jirgenson, Protoculture, Jerome Isma-Ae, Planet Perfecto Knights, Sean Truby, Craig Purvis, Federation, Lange, Sarah Howells, Tilt, Paul van Dyk, Mike Danis, Lost Stories, Reaky, Skaivox, Nerso, Thomas Datt, D-Mad, Gai Barone, Kid Alaska, Stereo Wildlife, Retroid, Digital Breaks Foundation, Nash & Pepper, Ostrega, Magnus, A.R.D.I., J. Hart, Boom Jinx, Daniel Kandi, Future Funk Squad, Beatman & Ludmilla, Ben Keenan, Andrew Bayer, Omauha, Walsh & Mcauley, Benjani, Matvey Emerson, Tyler Sherritt, Swab, Joey Mova, Dominic Thomas, Mindaugas Jak, Greta, Max Hertzz, Full Tilt, Justin Michael, AJ from Saint Motel, Aly & Fila, Amanda Wilson, Felix Leiter, Kenneth Thomas, Colleen Riley, Remus, Justin OH, Poncho, Maxi Trusso, 16BL, Lucy Iris, Yahel, Liya, Sphera, Symbolic, 2nd Phase, Omnia, Ana Criado, Corderoy, Cold Blue, Wellenrausch, Tammy, Jason Knight, Brian Cameron, Gary Maguire, Rospy, Planet Perfecto, Mac & Monday, Second Sine, Digital Basement, Solarstone, Flegma, Nerso, Blazer, Organ Donors, Nhato, Paul Oakenfold, Orkidea, Thomas Datt, Juventa, Prayag, Rishab, Eximinds, MDK, Protoculture, Rafael Frost, Eshericks, Alfoa, Future Disciple, Retroid, Jerome Isma-Ae, Dragon, Jontron, Swab, Joey Mova, Bone, Flesh, Enoh, Darma, Derek Ryan, John Dopping, Gary Maguire, Vlind
Perfecto Records (Armada Music) | 2012-11-02