- Seresir


Seresir was born in Turkey on the 20th of February 1984. He has always been interested in music since his childhood and began his obsession with this remixes and tunes. He made his first tune in 2003 and produced his first demo in 2004. Seresir signed an extended play with ocean drive records in 2007 (Seresir EP) and following this, Amorphous yard. And he created and maintained his own record label ( Rock'n Trance Recordings ). These following albums released with the new label " From My Tears ( ft. Chantell Alexi ) , Spectrum "( Single ) , Seresirilogy ( Rerelease ) , Fusic ( Single ) ,White Page ( Single) , Seresir - 128 Petabyte 128 Petabyte ( Single ) and F!re ( Single ). He is now interested in other styles such as House , Dubstep and Rock...