- Dj Vredek


In 2005 /Bulgaria / Vredek begins to take its first steps in creating experimental electronic music using software's such as Reason, Ableton Live and Rebirth. With his arrival in today resides Toledo-Spain begins to engage more seriously with the creation of experimental music-dark drum n bass and trip hop-using only the software Reason / real-time creation / .En 2010 participates in the international Music Competition of Radio 3 experimental Broadcastingart-3-II with the tracks "Komunist program" and "Black Coffee". In year 2011 presents his latest work / acid dark trip hop; tripstep / The project Vredek aka Rakatek- through session in Radio Sotatera / Barcelona-Spain /. Several tracks of his have been presented in different online radios across Europe-England, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria …. Underground and independent musician. Today is dedicated to creating Dark Tripstep & Post Dubstep and working on his second project-Rakatek- dedicated to the trip hop music. Their music is charact erized by its dark, deep, dirty sound with dub, trip hop, dubstep, IDM, and experimental drum n bass influence . In 2013 Producer mixed on Pizarra Label Records