- Oskar Guerrero


Oskar Guerrero ( Malaga , Spain ) Dj and Producer Inspired by the modern and the music dub techno , electro, minimal, breaks , trance , experimental , ambient atmospheres trying to get unique sounds and musical textures trying to keep the pace of the hearts of lovers of electronic music . Always looking for a new aesthetic in electronic music , only through a long and careful series of experiments, and continuing education in studio recordings and studio devices remotely and in synchrony , each response device in accordance with predetermined conditions by the composer . In 2013 he decided to invest his passion and talent in order to create an internationally prominent label Pizarra Label Records and several sublabel including Lapaka Sounds and Puntazo Label Records with the idea of ​​bringing to market new talent the Electronic music genre and the opportunity to grow as artists. Very soon something will change in the world of music, and you will witness it, nothing will be the same from that moment