- Dj Lupen


Dj Lupen is Daniel Alonso, was born in barcelona with a hobby that is music . very young curiosity I enter the DJ world , I began to investigate as it could do , the dj me , I was very lost in this world of dj 's! so happened that I had a childhood friend who liked what same as me, we started talking about us partners and share the same hobby , after a few days we returned to talk and we buy the first dishes we mix together, estivimos hours and hours practicing , learning to cuadrad vinyls and everything was going great until past few months that we separate family problems , pity ! ! but I followed in my house and making me clicking my sessions . Some years later to go to the disco so I got to try to do a song by computer with fruity loops 3.4 and I got into the world of music production composing my own songs . I created issues with all versions of fruity loops , i use the 11.0.0 version of fruity loops . I have dedicated myself thoroughly with music day and night , trying other software , such as reason, cubase , Ableton ... occasionally to my sessions and I mixed my songs with subjects of great professionals to have as were ... Probe also to make an issue of hip hop with a friend who knew rapping but it was a failure. Today I'm in on several web pages of music for people to get to know me and thanks to one of them met a person that we're friends and I present the record label where I am now . Thanks to the Pizarra Label Records and I am where I have to be , making music !