- Robbie Moroder


Robbie Moroder is also founded by Spanish producer & deejay and big hits "Take Over", "Polka", "Natual Guy", "La Trucha", "Subete La Falda", “Fuckin Hands Up!” and many more. He has remixed and been remixed by artists such as Dani Masi; Oriol Farre; Dj Yako, Victor Magan, Marc Flaque, Allan Lockwood, The Minimum, Dj Fist, Dj Boss, Gabry Ponte and many more. He has edited their production by as Upbeat Records; Electric Spain; House Works; Bedroom Muzik; Disex Productions; Blanco y Negro; Universal Music; Vidisco; AGB; Divucsa, Sony Music and many more. He has been on compilations such as: Tonterias Las Justas, Anual Mix Summer 2010, Caribe Mix 2010, Ministry Of Electro House Vol.14, Bolero Mix 25, Flaix Summer 2010, Magan & Rodreiguez pres Electro Latino, Cultura de club, and many of 50 compilations.