- Alex Guerrero


Alex was born in Seville, Spain, in 1981. He's a DJ, musical producer, remixer and audio engineer graduated at Middlesex University, London. In the beginning he was dj-ing with remarkable Hip-Hop bands in Seville, but he decided to start mixing and producing house music. His works has reached Beatport's Progressive House Chart several times. Recent jobs have been edited through a few major national and intenational record labels like Caresse-Records, RockStar Records, Kamasutra Recordings, HouseWorks, Matinné, Blanco & Negro Music, Star69 . He use to work with one of the tops Deejays and producers from Spain: Javi Reina, they has his on live performance called 'Deeplay Live' He has played along the national geography, so many clubs: Lola Matinal (Bilbao), Moma Club (Sevilla), Amnesia World Tour (Sala Rockstar / Bilbao), Amnesia World Tour (Sala D?Manu / Santander), Consorcio Club (Bilbao), Strong G*Matic (Madrid), Orgullo Gay Day (Madrid), Priscilla Club (Sevilla), Melrose Place (Candanchú), Diamond Club (Talavera de la Reina), Domm Disco (Sevilla) The Image (Bilbao), Fucker Club (Madrid), Wonderland @ La Riviera (Madrid), Malibu (Ucrania), Dreamzone Festival (Islas Azores), Sala Noboo (Navarra), Fabrik (Madrid) AQA (Talavera de la Reina) Titos (Palma de Mallorca), Wow (Granada), Passion (Malaga), BeConnection (Sevilla),... Right now he has his own Record Label: Caresse-Records.