- Nina Sung


Purity still exists in the world. Never lose faith in that.Songwriter//Vocalist//MusicianNina Sung has already taken the Electronic music scene bystorm by having already her first serious release land on theTop 100 Beatport Electro House Charts. Since then, she'sbecome an acclaimed and sought-after writer and vocalistby producers of major record labels such as Armada Music,Dim Mak Records, Jive Records, and Fuzion Muzik Records.Nina Sung has already written, done vocals for, andreleased numerous new tracks for huge EDM names suchas Ken Loi, INFINIT EE, James Egbert, LIBK, Static and Bass,Prima Volta, Daniel Van Sand [ARMADA] and T he Blizzard[ARMADA].In the world of music, it's not always easy to find that specialunique "voice" that makes a song stand out. And thenthere's Singer-Songwriter and EDM Vocalist Nina M. Sungwho has blazed a trail for herself almost effortlessly with avoice that's undeniably her own."I've never tried to sound like anyone other than myself, andI'm not about to start now"