- Johnny Norberg


Johnny Norberg is a native of Sweden. He is one half of the producer duo Cryostate and also a songwriter and vocalist. Working with artists such as Johan Vilborg, Adam Szabo, AWD,APD and many others as co-producer and vocalist. His name is starting to be recognized in the trance scene. 2014 has started off as a good year for Norberg, due to the many interesting but still undercover collabs with big producers around the world. Keep an eye out for hot new tracks from Norberg and Cryostate in 2014 on a dance floor or radio station near you! Best known tracks: Adam Szabo & Johan Vilborg feat. Johnny Norberg - Two To One Johan Vilborg feat. Johnny Norberg - Another day AWD feat. Johnny Norberg - Walk away APD & Johnny Norberg - Ride of your life CryoState - Believe