- XDirty


Spinning since the early 90s with the first House music tracks.Started as DJ in school parties, sharing the booth with Pete Tha Zouk and working on the school's radio, since then, I fall inlove for House and I feel complete when I'm behind the decks.Without money to invest on a DJ carreer, I've entered the sales business and have been there ever since. I never quitted my dream tho and I kept spinning as an hobbie, been invited to play at some parties and bars. I hope someday I have the chance to play something bigger :)About my music:I'm influenced by the Northern Europe Electronic Sounds and the name comes from the "Dirty" Dutch style and represents my generation "X"Supported by Jack Eye Jone, Futuristic Polar Bears, Fun[k]house, Jack Mazzonni, among others.Mainstyle is EDM.